We provide you with healthy, delicious and hassle free food at the comforts of your home, office or anywhere in Indore. All you have to do is subscribe to our meal plans, its really that simple to stay healthy.
We have an in-house dietician and we are aligned up wwith top dieticians of Indore. We cater special diets of every nature; from diabetic to cancer patients and from gym goers to regular fitness maintenance.   You can be vegan, lactose intolerant, allergic, gluten free, you name it. We got you covered.
We have a huge variety of dishes and meals especially devised, researched and prepared for you. Be assured that we won't let a single dish be repeated the whole week.   You can indulge in cuisines from around the world and make special choices too, we would be happy to serve you.
Yes. We wouldn't wan to burden your pockets at the cost of being healthy. If you are not able to pay upfront for the whole meal plan, we can adjust to an easier weekly payment method; you pay every week for the upcoming week.
No. We deliver throughout Indore. Feel free to order from anywhere. Please keep in mind the time in accordance with the delivery destination.
It would be our pleasure if you would subscribe and make an appointment with us for a deatiled working about your meal plan suited for your fitness needs. if you are confused with the duration, choose My Plan and continue with the appointment booking, we are there. We have alligned ourselves with top dieticians of the city, who can be asked to consult for any special diets. We would be happy to serve you with our food if you come to us with your own meal plan.
Yes. We deliver all your meals in the morning itself for your convenience to carry them wherever you want to. They are packed in food grade boxes and can be re-heated very easily in microwave ovens. Although, we would ask you to keep the salads and the desserts in a cold place if possible and consume them as soon as possible.
You are what you eat. When you begin to eat healthy and clean food, you find yourself getting fitter than before, you look great, feel amazing and have the energy and focus needed to achieve all your goals. We shop, prepare and cook for you so you can experience the benefits of clean eating without the hassle. We make sure your healthy isn't boring but delicious. We get you the kind of produce you havent dealt with before; from avocados to asparagus and salmon to turkey. We get you the best.
Eating healthy is a choice, a choice which leads to a healthier lifestyle, a better pysique, increased confidence and a charismatic personality. So if you aren't in to all these things, you don't really have to eat healthy everyday.  Normally, any normal body would take minimum 4 weeks to respond to the change in your lifestyle and to show results. Also, its not necessary that you eat every meal healthy, we support binge eating once a week.
No. Diets are about sacrifice and restriction. Most importantly, they aren’t even good for you in the long run. We believe eating should be enjoyed and should enhance your quality of life.  So we bring you delicious healthy food; from unjunked burgers and pizzas to mouth watering ice creams and desserts. Do check out our fine dine and snacks menu, your healthy is no more just a diet.
Counting your calories are the best way to restrict them. We believe in knowing what and how much of nutrients are in our dishes. Single portions allow us to convey you the exact amount of calories, protein, fats and sugar that you are intaking.   If one portion doesn't suffice, ask for a second serving.